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logo referente Communication intended as a means to development has to be backed up by partners who help to get the message out to everybody; this is easier for us today, thanks to OMNIA.
Abba Project -
logo referente OMNIA have always supported Aion Edizioni and the Aion international architecture magazine with their expert, professional, prompt service.
Aion Edizioni - Massimo Fagioli -
logo referente We have collaborated with OMNIA on technical/scientific translations and on sworn translations, as well as translations for everyday use. The quality and speed of execution of their work have always been more than satisfactory. For us they are a partner we would wholeheartedly recommend.
Arkopharma Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques - Patrick G. Tardieu -
logo referente OMNIA provide us with translations in 19 languages, from English to Chinese, Persian, Korean and many others besides. They have always met all of our requirements promptly and exactingly.
Bioline S.r.l. -
logo referente Excellent translations, extremely short turnaround times and competitive prices. Our compliments for a professional and courteous service.
Biomatrix S.r.l. - Maria Grazia Mancini -
logo referente OMNIA has always produced accurate work within tight schedules. Good quality-price ratio.
Associazione Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza - Club di prodotto -
logo referente Good-quality translations, with quick turnarounds and at absolutely competitive prices. Our thanks to Cristina Frassoni and all the staff at OMNIA for their helpfulness and politeness.
CM Cantieri Moderni S.r.l. -
logo referente Thanks to OMNIA our company knows no bounds. OMNIA meets all our requirements punctually and professionally, not to mention its competitive prices. We are truly satisfied. Thank you.
Creative Zona - Katerina Loro -
logo referente OMNIA's service is distinguished by professionalism and competence combined with a remarkable promptness in delivery.
DeART S.r.l. - CigarsáTime -
logo referente Excellent, fast, capable service. Extremely professional and friendly.
De Cecco S.p.A. -
logo referente Working with OMNIA has been a positive experience. For a company of our size, which does a lot of business overseas, itĺs essential to have fast, accurate and efficient partners, who are capable of ensuring language services of the highest order, at the technical level as well. In an increasingly competitive global market, we seek to stand out for quality of service and speed of response. This is possible for us thanks to OMNIA too.
De Rigo Refrigeration S.r.l. - Alessandro Zanella - Foreign Sales Department -

logo referente OMNIA are an excellent partner. Good translations with extremely fast turnarounds and affordable prices, with the friendliest, most professional service. The ideal solution!
DFM S.r.l. - Federico Angelucci -
logo referente We truly cannot say anything about OMNIA's service other than that they are accurate, secure and reliable. A genuine partner you can count on one hundred percent.
DJP Webmaster -
logo referente OMNIA = Timeliness and professionalism above all.
Edilsider S.r.l. - Mario Gambassi - Head of Technical Office
EDILSIDER (Macchine Edili + Movimentazione) -
ME+MOV (Mezzi + Movimentazione) -
logo referente Fast, precise, extremely accurate. I have always been extremely satisfied with OMNIA and shall continue to work with them in the future.
Europaconcorsi S.r.l. - Lloyd Marcus Andresen - Direttore -
logo referente We have been working together with OMNIA for some time and we are truly satisfied with the quality of their service, which is distinguished by its professionalism, competence and speed.
Favorit S.p.A. - Giuseppe Dario Catalano - Marketing Dept. -
logo referente Congratulations on your growth. Your impeccable service is deserving of great success.
Foodex S.r.l. - Vito Buccellato - Export Manager -
logo referente Very professional, reliable and fast at carrying out translations, even of more complex texts.
Reasonable, competitive prices compared to others present on the market.
Fornitalia S.r.l. - Manufacturers of Industrial Ovens and Boilers
logo referente Always helpful, polite and extremely reliable. Utterly professional.
Futura S.r.l. -
logo referente We are happy with the quality of the translations and the timeliness with which they are delivered.
Futuro contemporaryart - PR Dora Del Mese -
logo referente Efficient, punctual, reliable, extremely professional.
Ifras S.p.A. -
logo referente For Ingramatic S.p.A., OMNIA means accuracy, punctuality, reliability and politeness.
Ingramatic S.p.A. -
logo referente An invaluable partnership for the translation of technical manuals and press folders produced for our overseas customers. Communication is always pleasantly courteous, while the drafting of texts is extremely accurate and takes into account the most subtle shades of meaning. Our satisfaction is rounded off by excellent turnaround times.
logo referente I have always been extremely happy with our efficient, pleasant working relationship with OMNIA and with Cristina Frassoni in particular.ĚHer expertise, speed and punctuality are exceptional!
Jeanne Marchig
logo referente Always ready to help and careful to meet the needs of demanding clients such as ourselves!
K÷nig S.p.A. -
logo referente It is great to have found a partner that can provide us with the Italian translations we are looking for: accurate terminology, deadlines met, solid IT support ... And correspondence in our language too! A partner we would recommend without a shadow of a doubt.
Laniel Traductions -
logo referente OMNIA fulfils our criteria of professionalism and flexibility, responding to the needs of our offices dynamically and independently.
Laservall S.p.A. -
logo referente Our company has always enjoyed, and still enjoys, a good working relationship with OMNIA, which it considers an important partner in conducting its overseas business.
MB-Elettromeccanica S.n.c. - Mario Bianchi -
logo referente Professional and quick to respond, OMNIA have become a solid, reliable partner, who meet all of our translation needs.
MB S.p.A. - Ufficio Marketing -
logo referente Our opinion of OMNIA's work is certainly positive, with regard to people, level of preparation and response times.
Mondo Verde Casa & Giardino S.r.l. -
logo referente Accuracy and punctuality. These are the characteristics which to date have distinguished the service provided by OMNIA for Nuova Simonelli, not to mention their willingness to satisfy clients' requests, even those last-minute ones.
Nuova Simonelli S.r.l. -
logo referente A solid partner, for translations of a technical nature too. Speed of service.
Omeco S.r.l. - Clemente Marelli - Direttore Generale -
logo referente Always accurate translations, even of a technical nature. Helpfulness, politeness and professionalism. We particularly appreciate the rapid delivery of files. An excellent partner!
Panto S.p.A. -
logo referente Helpful, thorough and extremely quick. Our company needs immediate responses and OMNIA is always able to come back to us straight away. We work mostly with overseas customers and the quality of translations, including the technical ones, has always been up to the standards required.
Pelbo S.r.l. - Leonida Vignati - Brand Manager -
logo referente Translations into the various languages required, always delivered by the deadlines set. Professional and reliable mother-tongue translators. Polite service and flexibility in the case of urgent translations.
World Family of Radio Maria -
logo referente OMNIA: an accurate, fast translation service, for specific texts too!
Regulat Italia S.a.s. -
logo referente We would like to take the opportunity to confirm our satisfaction with the speed and quality of the translations and services that OMNIA offers us.
RTR Sports Marketing -
logo referente We are very happy with the service provided by OMNIA, which we consider to be of high quality, professional, spot-on with delivery times and consistent in payment terms and times.
Sabbia DĺOro Hotels -
logo referente Speedy, efficient, reliable service.
Siti Targhe S.r.l. -
logo referente Professionalism, at last: quick, reliable translations.
Studio Messaggio Advertising S.r.l. - Paolo Specchi
logo referente Professionals in the translation sector at the service of the most varied market objectives.
Communication flows on line and OMNIA is able to stay in time with it.
A precious, dependable service.
Taverna Sviluppo S.r.l. -
logo referente Tosinvest SanitÓ, a leading company in the rehabilitation field, would like to thank OMNIA for the excellent work done on translations of specialized trade journals for the medical and health care sector. We wish you good luck and hope that our professional collaboration will always be this profitable.
Tosinvest SanitÓ -
logo referente For us a highly valued partner.
Tradex -
logo referente Reliability, professionalism and politeness set OMNIA apart.
We have worked with the agency several times and have always been very satisfied.
A big shout to Mirko, Cristina and their associates.
Triumtec S.n.c. - Luca Farigu -
logo referente Good, prompt work in line with requirements.
Uesseti 2000 S.r.l. -
logo referente We turned to OMNIA for a complex editorial project in English/Chinese.
Although it was a "first outing" with all the potential difficulties that this entails, the result was most satisfactory and the next project, I believe, will be even more so.
Vnu Business Publications Italia - Franco Tedeschi -
logo referente If you're looking for a professional, on-time and courteous service, OMNIA is the answer!
Zelig S.r.l. -

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